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sexual orientation: not u

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Je veux juste une dernière danse.
Avant l’ombre et l’indifférence.
Un vertige puis le silence.
Je veux juste une dernière danse

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everythingyoulovetoohate a demandé: You know in my school. People made me something, just bcs I was an over-achiever. Full of models and top-shots.... I still don't date any body. I was sitting in four seasons, watching people talk to me. By chance I clicked something and I landed up on your blog. I literally went till the first post you posted. I think a tumblr blog can tell me a lot about a person. If I knew you in person, I would so ask out a girl for the first time. YOU ARE DIVINE <3 - (facebook. com/rohandhillon1) May 2013

Tu sais.. Je n’ai jamais su quoi répondre à ton message.. Mais maintenant, en le relisant, je me dis que tu dois être une personne géniale

this-is-howe22 a demandé: if that's you in your picture you're adorable! :3

Oh .. yeah it’s me x)